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SSANSA condemns shoot-to-kill order for violators of curfew in Juba

(JUBA, 8 July 2013) – We condemn the shoot-to-kill order for violators of curfew announced by minister of Interior of South Sudan on Monday. We consider the order as inappropriate as it can easily be manipulated to expose innocent civilians to the threat to death in the hands of law enforcement agencies.  “The order fundamentally threatens the right to life of all citizens. If it becomes absolutely necessary to have such a curfew, the government should amend it such that the penalty for violation of the curfew shall be an arrest rather than death. This would give an opportunity for suspects to defend themselves and allow the police to gather evidence to ascertain any guilt”. Said Robert Marial, A human right activist from Lakes State, Member of SSANSA.  This order was reported to have been issued by the minister of interior on Monday, July 7 in response to the rising level of crime and violence in the capital Juba. It stipulates that anyone found to have violated the 8:00pm curfew should be shot with the intention to kill. The minister was quoted to have said it was endorsed by the council of ministers the previous month.

Read full Statement here 140708 – SSANSA Condemns shoot and kill order in South Sudan

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