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Community Security and Justice

Widespread insecurity is a current phenomenon in South Sudan. This problem manifests inform of cold blood murders, highway robberies, cattle rustling, inter-communal violence, interpersonal violence, and brutality by some members of the security sector all contributing to a high number of gun-related casualties. SSANSA is working with communities, churches and governments at various levels to foster dialogue on contemporary community security concerns.   Currently SSANSA is running state and county level dialogues under the theme “Security is Everyone’s Business.” (SEB). The SEB dialogues seeks to engage protection actors and community representatives to jointly articulate critical contemporary community security concerns among communities and generate feasible actions to address these concerns. These community level dialogues are underpinned by the conception that as victims and hosts of actors of criminality and violence, community members are best placed to articulate their security concerns and generate approaches that are appropriate and feasible to address them. SSANSA also works with other actors to facilitate the promotion of alternative informal local level mechanisms for community security and justice.

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