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Policies and Instruments of Arms Control

We advocate for robust national policy and legislative frameworks for control of small arms and light weapons (SALW), frameworks that are underpinned by human rights and rule of law. The problem of arms proliferation and misuse manifests locally but has international dimension. In that regard, SSANSA works with stakeholders not only nationally but also regionally and internationally through strategic partnerships and networking. At the heart of our arms control campaigns is stopping arms from reaching in the hands of individuals, institutions, and groups who use them for committing human right abuses and violations. SSANSA is a member of the Control Arms coalition that campaigns for an Arms Trade Treaty. In response to lack of a national policy framework and legislation to guide interventions to control the proliferation and misuse of SALW, the South Sudan Bureau for community security and Small Arms Control have initiated a process for developing a National Small Arms Policy and Small Arms Bill. SSANSA is working closely with the bureau to ensure that these frameworks are pro-people, conforms to international best practices and is considerate to human rights and the rule of law. SSANSA also campaign against indiscriminate weapons. This includes antipersonnel landmines and cluster bombs. These weapons are outlawed because of their indiscriminate nature and the serious threats to community security, livelihood and development. We are a member of the International Campaign to ban Landmines and the Cluster Munition Coalition (ICBL-CMC).

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